And this was the WGDFC of 2015:

Foosball, Lots of Beer, Shirts with Holes, and 2 Bags Stolen.

It was a beautiful Tuesday night at the Herb Lubalin Gallery at Cooper Union in New York City. The first teams and spectators arrived early to warm up at the four perfectly leveled Warrior foosball tables and/or at the free beer bar. The volunteers put on their official WGDFC hats and shirts (this year in white, featuring a beautiful hole).

Strong showings by OPEN 1 and 2 (keeping their perfect record of 12 years of consecutive first round losses). Collected Works had awesome jackets. Kickstarter didn’t live up to their names’ potential. Same with Smakk 1 & 2. Young Jerks were present. We were happy to have Red Antler 1 & 2 of course, as always. Friends & Family, all the way to the Elite 8. And of course Big Spaceship 1 and 2 (welcome back!). Grey didn’t show up I think.

The inimitable Paul Sahre (of O.O.P.S.) had to sit this one out, but he graced the event with this old man’s tweet “will someone please beat karlssonwilker? @wgdfc #elite8 #wgdfc”), which did end up happening twice that night.

The speaker system gave up for a few minutes, then “twitter inception” happened.

The annual Team Outfit Competition trophy was handed to a pair of bubble-wrap. (“Are you serious? Bubble Wrap?”)

In any case, fun was had by everyone and everybody—that's what's important—proving that workday binge-drinking is what creatives are accustomed to.

The final match was a bit of a snooze. karlssonwilker was as surprised as anyone else to make it to the final. CBGB won easily. No handicap this year… Well, we expect them to compete next year in the team outfit competition.

Cheers to next year, which will be the 13th anniversary of the WGDFC!

Next year everything will be different!

Big big big Thank You to our awesome volunteer helpers Astrid, Mer Kelly, Justine Reyes, Julie Finn and of course Alex at the Herb Lubalin Gallery, as well as dear Victor Lam (check out !)
Without you, there would be no WGDFC.

And a big hand to Adobe for their continued support—immensely helpful!

And Brooklyn Brewery gave us a special deal, which is super, for everyone involved.

The WGDFC 2015 TOP 8:

Big Spaceship 1
Big Spaceship 2
Boxing & Labeling
Cracked Addicts
Family & Friends