WGDFC 2014

WGDFC 1   1 (2014)

A Special Note from WGDFC

This is NEW: FSG 2 (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) wins!!!

This is OLD: OPEN partakes, unsuccessfully (w/ Scott as coach)!
Red Antler & Data Dream show everyone how it's done.
karlssonwilker & Office of Paul Sahre make it to the Elite 8!
MTV wins best costume!

FSG 2 claimed this year's WGDFC title during the wee hours Friday morning at the Cooper Union's Herb Lubalin Study Center in New York City. FSG 2 defeated studio Hello Monday during the deadlocked 3rd game in the Grand Final.

With some of the perennial graphic design foosball powerhouses like Office of Paul Sahre, Random House and FSG 1 having to play with tough handicaps, the door was ajar for a number of newcomer studios. Annual guests Friends and Family and Red Antler all made the Elite 8 this year, with Data Dream in good company. Other studios turning in stellar performances included: MTV (not at the table), VSA Partners (some at the table, some off the table), Big Spaceship (on and off, although this year more off the table), and of course SMAKK, who played with 6 teams, trying to crack the competition with strength in numbers. The team of OCD (Original Champions of Design) also played some terrific foosball. Sagmeister's 2 teams looked nice and enjoyed the free drinks all night. Team RAA looked good, drank, and obviously enjoyed themselves. Karlssonwilker 1 & 2 had a great time as usual, Hjalti and Jan made it into the Elite 8, ending with karaoke afterwards.

We were happy to welcome some new faces including Elsa Jenna, Charles & Thorn, JCC Studio, and HUGE.

Puma graciously provided us with access to a gif booth. If you weren't here you missed 300 designers play with gifs and a green screen. All the gifs from the event can be found here!

It was a special evening: Cooper Union was rocking all night as the Brooklyn beer flowed freely. The Warrior tables got rave reviews (while the Warrior logo was criticized by at least one individual). WGDFC 1 1 (2014) would not have been so awesome if not for the generous support of: Cooper Union & the Herb Lubalin Study Center! ADOBE! Puma! Brooklyn Brewery! WARRIOR Foosball! NYC FOOSBALL!

Special thanks to our awesome WGDFC assistants: Johnny Lee, Janine Wang, Chia Lynn Kwa, Kenneth Lian, Jenny Stuttard, Emma Berger, Alina Melnikova, Julie Finn, Josephine Cheng, April McMullan, Yuky Hwang, and Andre Pineiro!

No thanks to the strange man who disabled the music by guessing the iPad password 11 times.

A big hand to Kevin Chao of karlssonwilker and Takeshi Miyakawa of Takeshi Miyakawa Design, for making things spin! Thanks also to our main-man, Alex Tochilovsky, for his help and support. And big thanks as well to Mr. Victor Lam himself, ace person & foosballer (and thankfully, non-graphic designer).

Feel free to click through these nice images!


The WGDFC 11 Elite 8:
1) FSG 2 (Champion)
2) Hello Monday (Runner-up)
3) Red Antler 1
4) karlssonwilker 1
5) Data Dream
6) Paul Sahre Inc.
7) FSG 1
8) Friends and Family

Wednesday, CKSK, Hello Monday, Collected Works, Opto Design, Wolff Olins, Big Spaceship, Friends & Family, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Red Antler, Pratt MFA, VSA Partners, Drozone, Collins, Sagmeister & Walsh, karlssonwilker, Medium, Charles & Thorn, Bruce Mau, Wink, Paul Sahre Inc., Elsa Jenna, Broadway Books, Penguin Random House, Crown Publishing, Random House, Firstborn, Open, SMAKK, Small Stuff, Baron Fig, JCC Studio, Data Dream, Graham Hanson Design, Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Original Champions of Design, MTV, Huge, and MTWTF.

Welcome to WGDFC 1 1!

November 13th, 6:00PM
@The Herb Lubalin Gallery

WGDFC (Wuhrld Grafik Dehzyne Foozbahl Championship) is a small and bougie, yet highly self-aware foosball tournament amongst the graphic design community. Here at WGDFC, we have found the perfect combination of downing beers and hitting balls competitively, no spinning allowed.

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A Brief Primer

It all started in the historic studio building of karlssonwilker and Paul Sahre in 2004. Jan, just a boy at the time, saved up and purchased a foosball table off ebay. WGDFC's axels have been figuratively spinning ever since.

WGDFC 1 (2004) took place at the office of karlssonwilker. Present were 23 teams, a single shabby yet humble foosball table, and enough beers for the 22 losers to cope with their losses. Every succeeding year the event has grown in numbers and intensity. Consequently, WGDFC was moved from karlssonwilker into larger venues in fear of pestering the fire marshals.

WGDFC 1 1 is sponsored by the Cooper Union, Adobe, Brooklyn Brewery, Warrior Table Soccer, NYC Foosball, and Puma providing us a place to play, tables to play on, and an endless flow of beer for spectators and competitors alike. Register your team and let the shit-talking commence.

Please feel free to enjoy these images any way you wish ;) (click-through)

Team Outfit Contest

Sometimes it's just about how sexy you are. Back for the third year in a row is the Special Superficial Surface Triple S award.

The team representing their studio/agency with the "best" team jerseys/colors/clothing ensemble/whathaveyou wins. A hand-selected amateur jury will hand-select the winners from the crowd and present them with an actual trophy.

These guys to the left are last year's winners. (Wade Jeffree, Santiago Carasquilla of Sagmeister & Walsh)



Your team better be the official representatives of said company. Non-eligible foosers posing as official team representatives will be publicly humiliated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Don't let this be you!

Register using the form/link below. Yes, there can be more than one team per studio/agency. Registration will close at noon on Tuesday, November 1 1th.

Entry fee is $40 per team and is paid at the event. Please bring cash. As is the custom, spectators enter and drink for free thanks to the sponsors. Hurray!

The WGDFC is a double elimination bracket tournament (everyone stays in the tournament until they lose twice). We play by the United States Table Soccer Association (U.S.T.S.A.) tournament rules.

Former WGDFC Champions will play with a handicap: depending on how many times the players have won, they will start each game with that number of goals against them. For example, if a team has won 3 championships, they will start each match with a 3 goal deficit, 0:3.


The winning team of the WGDFC 1 1 will receive a year of bragging rights, and the famous one-legged challenge cup. Think of the visible jealousy that will be generated!

The winners of the Team Outfit Competition will receive the highly coveted TripleS award and will be unofficially declared the sexiest humans of graphic design [foosball]!


So much beer.

*!SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!* Three of the Warrior Foosball Tables will be for sale. Have your very own table, the perfect procrastination outlet, and no excuse not to practice for WGDFC 12. If you want to lay claim to one of the tables before the event, email tellmewhy@karlssonwilker.com with "Foosball Table" in the subject line.

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