$40 per team, free beer all night. $40 per team, free beer all night. $40 per team, free beer all night. $40 per team, free beer all night. $40 per team, free beer all night. $40 per team, free beer.

Welcome to the
13th Annual
World Graphic Design
Foosball Championship


Thursday, December 8, 2016
6pm – midnight
Herb Lubalin Gallery at The Cooper Union,
41 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003



The best team jersey contest returns for the 13th Annual WGDFC, studio or agency members with the “best” team jerseys will win the “Special Superficial Triple S” Award. A hand-picked jury will be responsible for presenting the best-dressed title. Check out “2016 Prizes” for more information. Good luck & happy sewing.

The winners of the Inaugural Team Outfit Competition will receive a make-shift trophy and raucous applause from the crowd.


WGDFC is an annual foosball tournament amongst the design community and is now on its 13th year. It is the preeminent and only annual foosball tournament amongst the design community. The WGDFC represents the perfect combination of loose talk and competitive spirit. It is an event that only exists through passionate volunteers and the support of long-term sponsors, like Adobe. It started in 2004 with 20 teams attending, since then it has grown into a robust community of around 70 teams with over 40 New York City graphic design studios, firms and advertising agencies in attendance. As always, drinks (cold beer) are free all night.


ELIGIBLE – OFFICIAL 2 PLAYER STUDIO TEAMS ONLY! Entry fee is $40 per team. Remember, this buys you and everyone else free beer all night! This year's tournament is limited to 64 teams, so sign up early. The WGDFC is a doubles tournament. It is played by the United States Table Soccer Association (U.S.T.S.A.) tournament rules. It is a double elimination bracket tournament(everyone remains in the tournament until they lose twice, now nice!).

Important Notice: In years past, non-eligible foosers posing as official team representatives have been publicly humiliated and driven from the event. Don't let this be you!

On a sunny summer day in 2004, Paul Sahre and Hjalti Karlsson drove to New Jersey and came back with a soccer trophy. Paul cut off one leg to make it foosball-relevant, and glued the loose leg onto a piece of wood. The coveted one-legged trophy was born, as well as the wooden runner-up trophy. It is a challenge cup, and over the years it was proudly displayed at the offices of Doyle Partners Knopf Publishing, Penguin Books, OOPS, karlssonwilker, SiaEa, and many others.
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